Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mission Massage

So they actually have a Massage for Dummies book out. It was a good read and makes me wish I had superfluous funds to spend on one for myself. The physical and spiritual benefits are quite large. Anyway, the point was for me to learn how to give a massage and I think it did a decent job of giving a good overview. The problem is that it is hard to translate from pictures and written descriptions to actual movements. I think to accomplish this goal, I will have to have a very patient guinea pig who I can experiment on. Any volunteers? I have decided that I will never be a true proficient as I don't think I can ask people to picture "peas in a blender" and describe serene beach scenes without giggling myself. It will be interesting to see if I can focus love and caring out through my fingers like described in the book.


  1. lol. who can't laugh when saying the phrase, "peas in a blender!" not me!

  2. I think about peas in a blender quite often, especially in serene moments, such as sitting in Sacrament Meeting. It brings peace to my soul, and my fingertips tingle with love and caring.

    Why do you want to become a massage expert? If I were in WI, I would loooooove to be your guinea pig. Ben's gotten lots of practice getting good at massages during the last three years. :)

  3. Bling - bling?- I didn't raise princesses!!! Actually I like it. ;) Mom