Saturday, February 21, 2009

twenty-five, alive and thrive-ing

The official countdown to the third decade of my life has begun. With only four years, ten months and negative two days until T-day I decided to commemorate the occasion with a list of thirty things I want to accomplish before Dec. 19, 2013.

1. Drink a glass of pure milk, as in non-pasteurized and non-homogenized.
2. Live in my own place, might be my only opportunity to experience this
3. Finish Physical Therapy school
4. experience a "real" kiss, as in mutual affection. Locale is less important although I would not be opposed to experience one in the rain or on a ferris wheel...or on a ferris wheel in the rain.
5. See Cirque de Soleil Beatles Love
6. read Les Miserables
7. learn how to give a massage
8. Have my own place be very cute ( like Amelie's)
9. See a broadway play/musical
10. eat a meal that costs over $80.00 (as in very little food beautifully arranged which presumably taste $80.00 good)
11. cook a sophisticated meal , including Coq au Vin for friends
12. visit another country besides Canada
13. Dance a killer waltz
14. Sing somewhat well in front of a group of people
15. Learn to play at least 10 hymns ( I have "Sweet Hour of Prayer" down...only 9 more to go)
16. Be a cruiser (at least one cruise)
17. Own a car less than ten years old
18. Own a "ka-chow" dress to wear to #5, 9,10, 13, 16, 19 and/or 27
19. host a murder mystery dinner
20. look cute everyday for one month (make-up, cute clothes etc.)
21. Stand up to someone verbally (aka justifiably chew someone out)
22. Send 30 secret happy notes to at least 10 different people
23. Run 10 miles non-stop
24. Learn how to drive a stick shift
25. Paint a picture with oil paints
26. Go without TV for two months
27. ride in a helicopter
28. Make and decorate a three-tiered cake
29. Go to Comic Con
30. Learn to type

This is my ama-za-zing list, which as I am already 25 unlike two of my friends I will be thus more motivated to finish sooner. To see the other lists which I will blow out of the water go to , , or .


  1. Liiiisa. It looks to me like you know how to type! How are things going for you? You've been away for way too long.


  2. Hey! I totally have oil paints, you can borrow them for #25
    and I will be you massage guinea pig
    What's Comic Con? congrats on not being quite so old yet

  3. Lisa!! I just found your blog! Yeah! So, I totally went on a helicopter ride last summer and LOVED it!! You will so love it and then want to go on another ride! I paid $30 for a 5 minute ride. My next ride, I want it to be an hour! So, are you in Rochester?? Going to school? Did you hear that I'm engaged? July 25th!! I can barely wait! We are having an open house in WI in the middle of Oct. I hope I get to see you then! Email me sometime: